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Based in Texas and New York City, Discseel® Technologies focuses on the development of minimally invasive spine procedures meant to identify and treat identify pain-causing disc annular tears, and then immediately and precisely seal those tears with purified Fibrin. The Fibrin seals all tears, and then promotes new disc tissue growth, by being replaced with new disc tissue over the months following treatment. No surgical complications. No damage to adjacent discs as is caused by fusion hardware.

The Discseel® Procedure is patented and possesses unique attributes not capable of being offered by stem cell injections. Stem cells leak from torn discs. That can't help and in comparison, Fibrin incorporates into the disc to become a part of the once damaged disc. Over the months, the Fibrin molecules are replaced with normal disc tissue molecules. Only highly trained and skilled Physicians may be licensed to offer the Discseel® Procedure to their patients. Licensed Discseel® Physicians are encouraged to always provide the best treatment available to their patients. In comparison, unfortunately, many stem cell franchises may only offer the stem cells or PRP treatment defined by their franchise agreements. In contrast, we strive to remain dedicated, innovative, and proactive, in an effort to help patients in the best manner possible.

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