Neck Pain

Neck, shoulder and arm pain and numbness are common complaints, and often respond well to the Discseel® Procedure. Compared to surgical fusion, there's no adjacent disc accelerated degeneration, and no prolonged recovery or limitations caused by spine surgery.

Neck Pain Conditions That The Discseel® Procedure Has Successfully Treated

spinal cord with a degenerated disc
Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative discs are the result of wear and tear on your spine. The Discseel® Procedure is a regenerative procedure that seals disc tears, and then promotes growth to heal those once damaged discs.

diagram of spinal cord annular tear
Annular Tears

These kinds of injuries can occur over decades and are hard to heal due to poor blood circulation the disc. The Discseel® Procedure helps to repair the damage!

A spinal disc that is herniating
Herniated Disc

Disc herniation isn't the direct cause of pain as was once thought. Instead, the leakage associated with herniated discs is responsible for inflammation and pain. With the Discseel® Procedure, you can live your life pain free while doing activities you enjoy. Find out if this life-improving procedure is optimal for you.