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The Discseel® Procedure is an innovative procedure to alleviate back pain without surgery. Our research is continuous and write articles weekly to keep you updated on the progress.

April 30
Risk of Infection From Invasive Spinal Surgeries
April 30
The high failure rate of spinal fusions
April 30
Intercostal injections of stem cells
April 30
Common signs of a tear in your spinal disc
April 23
10 Professions with high risk of back injury
March 6
Fibrin offers recovery after back injury
January 14
Makeup and mechanics of the spine
January 10
The Advantages of the Discseel® Procedure over Stem Cell Injections to Treat Spinal Injury
January 9
How Repetitive Sports Like Golf Deteriorate Your Spine
January 9
The Discseel® Procedure and Discectomy, Whats the Difference?
January 9
Are my pains related to a back problem?